“We’ve been leveraging SigmaNEST as the foundation of our new process with great success for over a year now.  CAD geometry import, part information (material, thickness), and production information (Work Order number, Quantity) are part of an automated solution.  We plan to implement something similar in Idaho Falls.”

Aaron Lewer

Project Engineer, Idaho Steel

“Nesting one complete batch of parts with our previous software laid out the job on 265 sheets. It took 40 man-hours from our engineering team to whittle that down to 200 sheets. Now, using SigmaNEST we lay out the job on 200 sheets in about 8 hours allowing our engineers to focus on more productive tasks.”

Tim Meade

General Manager, AW Mercer

“SigmaNEST is very powerful, our previous nesting software did not have nearly as many features. The software’s advanced nesting algorithms deliver measurable improvements in production time and material utilization.”

Nesting Technician