SolidNEST is an automatic nesting NC solution that combines superior nesting power with advanced design analysis capabilities of SolidWorks, providing users with a seamless transition from a 3D assembly to NC code for laser plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet, and router without leaving the SolidWorks interface.

SolidNEST provides seamless integration by running as a SolidWorks add-in, ensuring optimal workflow between each stage of your process. By clicking the toolbar button SolidNEST guides users in a step-by-step format through the different phases of generating nesting layouts, creating toolpaths, and NC code.

No More DXF Files:

  • SolidNEST saves you time by allowing programmers to machine a project without leaving the SolidWorks interface
  • Programmers can make changes to original parts AFTER a nest has been created


  • SolidNEST can unfold an assembly and analyze all parts, sorting sheet metal by thickness and material type
  • SolidNEST is able to ignore all nuts, bolts and any other non-sheet metal parts
  • SolidNEST can sort separate jobs into tasks that can be nested together or kept separate upon request
  • The SolidNEST wizard lets you update nests in seconds


The Profile cutter solution will nest and apply tool path and post to the machine within SOLIDWORKS. Users will have access to advanced NC capabilities such as common line cutting, tabbing, crop cutting, and much more. SolidNEST Profile cutter gives the user the ability to control inventory and remnants. There is also integration into other SigmaTEK products such as color offload and load manager.


The DFM solution supports nesting inside of Solidworks allowing the engineer the ability to see the arrangement of parts as it integrates with SolidNEST. After nesting, users can export their nest as DXF files, assembly files or send them directly into SigmaNEST for completion.

Let SolidNEST transform your process today!