SolidNEST has the capability to run the latest advances in plasma, laser, waterjet, and oxyfuel technology. Our technology includes automatic pulsing, power ramping, variable feed rates, and pierce-on-the-fly. SolidNEST will make the most of all of the unique cutting functions and cutting technologies on your machine ensuring peak performance while integrating with the rest of your systems.


SolidNEST utilizes a cutting technology management function that implements automatic pulsing, power ramping, feed rate, focal high, assist gas and pressure adjustments. Whether your shop has a fiber or traditional laser, SigmaNEST software can run the most advanced machines in the industry. Our supported machines include speciality laser types including punch, tube, and multi-axis.


SolidNEST is designed to reduce pierces for plasma machines, in order to prolong nozzle life. It uses automatic bridge and chain cutting to eliminate all unnecessary pierces. SolidNEST is full of innovative solutions and capabilities to help your plasma machine run more efficiently.


SolidNEST will increase efficiency, reduce scrap, and produce cleaner parts in your shop. SolidNEST eliminates unnecessary edge-cuts through common-line cutting while also minimizing heat distortion. SolidNEST can handle all of your oxyfuel machine requirements including heavy plate processing, elaborate bevel cutting, and multiple torches.


SolidNEST will boost the power of your waterjet machine. Automatic corner ramping eliminates tail wash and gouging of material helps you create higher quality parts. SolidNEST has the ability to support multi-nozzle cutting on both old and new remnants, allowing you to make the most of your stock. SolidNEST includes definable edge quality so even the highest part quality expectations are met. SolidNEST also offers feed-rate ramping to eliminate tail wash gouging.

Let SolidNEST transform your process today!